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Sofia Motor Show 2017: New LEAF at the Nissan booth

28.08.2023 19:44

The main focus of the Nissan booth at the Sofia Motor Show 2017 is the all-new generation of the world's first 100% electric LEAF model, but traditionally strong for Qashqai, X-TRAIL, Micra, Juke and GT-R brand models. are also present at the exhibition of the company.

The new generation Nissan LEAF, which premiered in Europe just a few days ago, features not only a completely new exterior and interior design, but also a host of innovative systems on board and a range of 378 kilometers (NEDC). With over 283,000 units sold so far, the successor to the world's best-selling electric car is becoming the most technologically advanced and mass-produced, with sales in Europe starting next January. Toward the end of 2018, we will see another version of the LEAF appear, which will offer a more powerful engine and increased mileage.

Sofia Motor Show 2017

The new LEAF has base dimensions of 4480mm long, 1790mm wide and 1535mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2700mm. With a weight of 1535 kilograms and a power of five, the electric car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery (40 kWh) and an electric motor with a capacity of 150 horsepower and 320 Nm.

Depending on the power source, the battery of the new Nissan LEAF can be charged in 8 hours (6 kW) and 16 hours (3 kW), and with the fast charging system, an 80% charge is reached in just 40 minutes.

If necessary or desired by future owners of the new LEAF, the battery of an electric vehicle can be used as an additional source of electricity for domestic consumption by connecting it to the mains (V2G technology).

The main focus of the new LEAF is the high-tech ProPILOT system, which guarantees autonomous control in one lane when driving on the highway. It is activated with a single button, after which it can control acceleration and deceleration, which is a great solution during long trips or typical American and major European high-speed traffic jams.

Another interesting system that LEAF will have will be the e-Pedal, which promises to accelerate and brake, including to a completely stationary position, with a single pedal. The brand says the e-Pedal is the world's first pedal that allows the rider to slow down to a standstill, even uphill, while standing still and then pulling away.

Nissan notes that with the help of the electronic pedal, future owners of the new Leaf will be able to perform 90% of the basic functions of accelerating, decelerating and braking with a single pedal. The new technology will have a particularly big advantage when driving in urban areas with heavy traffic jams.

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